The Hidden female power – 500 years at Skarhult Castle

The project relates to the realization of the exhibition The hidden female power – 500 years on Skarhult castle. Its purpose is to provide the public with knowledge of the conditions of Swedish women’s exercise of power through history and to help killing the idea that we are lacking strong female role models.

The history of Fysicum on Big Screen

The goal of the project is to present the history of Fysicum on a big screen in a lively and innovative way by splitting the story in about 30 events in which each course of events has 16 slides that are read each in 3 minutes.

A book with the title: One night at Heimdall

The Heimdall Society is cultural/education company, founded in 1891, operating mainly through qualified lectures. The book is a compilation of the top 30 preferred lectures during the 2000s.

The tree of knowledge – a poddradio series in ten parts

The project consists of the production of a podcast series in ten parts with the name ”The tree of knowledge”. It takes the listener on a both fascinating and illuminating popular science odyssey across the different subjects.

Malmö – The true story

Based on young people’s own experiences in Malmö, ”Malmö – the true story” wants to help shape a new binding element that crosses ethnic, social and cultural boundaries. The play “Third Generation” (3G) stands as a model. The power of the play is that it brings together different groups with different experiences and instead of each group being defined by its own history the focus is on a shared future, based on mutual respect.

We Have A Dream

The project wants to stimulate young people’s involvement and inspire them to develop initiative and leadership. Using the power of  images and compelling stories the project will highlight strong and courageous role models.

The Literature Bar

”The Literature Bar” works with a relaxed pub environment to create high-quality cultural events that challenges the boundaries between author and reader, between the written and spoken word as well as between stage and auditorium. It moves us freely across the boundaries between literary genres and highlights everything from poetry to the novel/short story and evidence-based literature.

Projectleader for the planning of Foto Centre Malmö

Planning of the establishment of a photo center in Malmö, which will become Scandinavia’s leading site for photography. Malmo Photographic Center is a meeting place for people interested in photography and therefore parts of the premises will be leased to studio photographers, production companies, communications agencies and similar businesses. Opening is planned for 2016.