Repamera – the whole of Sweden’s tailor

Repamera was founded in January 2017 with the vision “It’s easier to repair than buy new in Sweden”. Since then, over 500 customers throughout Sweden have used the service, of which 15% are recurring customers every month. Initially, clothes were collected in Malmö / Lund and surrounding areas, but since August 2017, the service is offered throughout Sweden – online by mail order. The target group are middle-class families who live in suburbs, smaller towns or in rural areas and who are not close to a tailor. Repamera is a modern service, much like Linas Matkasse. All the tailors were born abroad and have lived in Sweden for less than 10 years. Craftsmanship is high, but Swedish language skills are unfortunately low. Through collaboration, the tailors must read the customers’ “message to tailor”, which means that they learn new words every day.