“Blind Date Concerts” by Violinist on a Bike

Intriguing and mysterious, captivating and spontaneous, Blind Date Concerts” is a new concept of classical music concert experience. Differently from a typical concert hall, Blind Date Concerts” are intimate and cozy, the boundaries between artists and listeners are eliminated, while the highest professional music level of performers is always present.

 Since the times when concerts were brought from home music making to big concert venue performances, the gap between artists and listeners arose, eliminating the intimacy and complicating the connection between musicians and the audience, which in consequence made more and more people dissociate from classical music. “Blind Date Concerts” aim to re-establish the lost connection between artists and audience, arouse the interest and curiosity for classical music and engage people from different personal backgrounds, cultures and age groups.

 Why Blind Date?Just like in a real blind date, where one doesn’t know what to expect, artists and program of each concert remain secret until the beginning of the concert.