Alnarp’s Agroecology Farm

Alnarp’s Agroecology Farm is a student-led project based in Alnarp, Lomma Kommun. This passionate group of students founded this farm because they wished to create learning opportunities about sustainable production for the local community. The farm grows a variety of organic vegetables and mushrooms which are sold directly to customers. It will host many teaching activities and workshops for all ages. Market gardening innovations are in use on the 400m2 plot and in the coming years the project will expand to a larger area with more to offer. Thanks to the Sten K grant, the farm can invest in essential infrastructure and tools to make our practices even more efficient!

The lack of practical learning opportunities at SLU Alnarp inspired these students to launch something that would change the educational landscape for the better. If we really want to make a change to how food is produced and sold globally, we have to be the examples of that change! By integrating cutting-edge research into the farm, we hope to be a testbed for trying out new practices in sustainable organic farming. Alnarp’s Agroecology Farm is where theory meets reality and all who are interested to learn alongside us are welcome.

To find out more about the project, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.