An informational book about being a sibling to someone with a disability

Kristina Hedlund

The goal of my project is to publish an informational book that focuses on special-needs siblings. The book will include interviews with both children and adult siblings, relatives and people who meet special-needs siblings in their profession. Information, quotes and reflections will be mixed with tips and facts. The target group for the book is of course the special-needs siblings and their relatives, but also everyone who in their profession or in another way comes into contact with special-needs siblings.

Develop actors with intellectual disabilities – publishing support

Kjell Stjernholm

Publishing a book on developing actors with intellectual disabilities through an established non-fiction publisher increases the chances of both greater and correct dissemination. It will be more easily discovered by libraries and educational institutions and be of higher quality than one which is self-published. The book will fill the void that exists in how to work to enable the transition to a professional life for actors with intellectual disabilities.

Develop thoughts and interlaced intelligence. Application for funding to complete a book script

Anna Jobér

One goal of the book is to provide a broad picture of what intelligence can be where more abilities and in the longer term more perspective can be included. Hopefully the book broadens the horizons of how together we can solve complex issues and problems where as many as possible are involved so that we together with other people, machines, octopuses, bacteria or whatever it may be can find alternative paths that open up new worlds.

“Neo-Latin and Humanist Greek Poetry in the Baltic Region”

Language and Literature Centre, Lund University

The purpose is to inventory, make available and disseminate poems that people around the Baltic Sea wrote in Latin and Greek for some 300 years. Many of these poems have never been published, others are in hard-to-find editions from the 17th and 18th centuries. Another reason is to present our poems from Sweden in a larger international historical context, to show how people migrated in the Baltic Sea region, what contacts they had with each other, how they thought, lived and created.

Squiggles, figures, houses and places – a book for children about Malmö

Sabina Dethorey

Our book will strengthen children’s and young people’s bond to Malmö. It will open doors to subject areas that are otherwise mostly accessible to adults. Since we start from real houses and places in Malmö, everyone will recognize them, at least some of them, and the rest will be easy to discover and explore. Through everyday experiences, we inspire reflections, share knowledge, give the key to new worlds of thought. We encourage readers to build on, both on our book and on Malmö’s development.

Stefan Zablocki – an Auschwitz survivor’s road to Malmö

Tomasz Sielski

The goal of this project is to publish an easy-to-read fictional story targeting young people aged 13 to 15 years. The short story should be able to be successfully read and used by schools in the teaching and learning about the Holocaust. The secondary goal is to create a script that can lead to a TV production.