History through Art – production of educational films

The purpose of the educational films is to give high school students who do not have the opportunity to come to the museum access to the knowledge and material we use in exhibitions and workshops. The films will be able to be used by teachers in regular teaching, or alternatively

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Chew on food

The project has three purposes, all of which create societal benefits; 1) to position food as an important societal issue in the transition to a sustainable society, 2) to raise the public’s knowledge of food in a way that can be used in everyday life. It covers many aspects such

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Cantica sacra – Recording of newly written church music

The purpose is to highlight the new music that is composed for the church, in the church. Church musicians have always been involved in composition and have often used the Church’s own musical treasures, such as the Gregorian chants or the Reformation chorales, as a basis for innovation. My music

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