The history of jazz in Hässleholm

Hässleholms Jazzklubb

A Jazz club that was established in the mid-60s and has since arranged over 500 concerts. As many of the initial members are coming along in years, now is the timely juncture for writing a book at the same time as some 70 tape recordings that are in the archives are digitized.

A disc recording of genre-transcendent music

Max Nyberg

We think that a musician can untether latent ability by daring to approach the fringes of his/her musicality and find areas for individual expression devoid of dogmas. Further, we believe that with this project we ourselves can develop in that same direction and hopefully inspire more musicians to try and take a step in that direction. The end-result will be a CD with self-composed music. We think that a professional recording can serve as a kind of musical business card that we can use to arouse interest in concert organizers who usually stick to a specific genre.

Trio Wolski records Hunnsberg Sessions

Hanna Blomberg Music & Wellness AB

For us to develop as a band, acquire more listeners, more concert opportunities as well as other jobs, it is important that we as a band do different projects with varied focus and themes. Also, so that both loyal as well as new fans will want to listen to us. With this project we want to focus on the Swedish countryside and its charm. Through our music, we want to make the listener unwind and long for that loved and peaceful place where he/she can garner strength just as we do when we spend time and work at Hunnsberg farm.

European Youth Brass Band 2021

Brassmusik Skåne

Brass music Skåne wants, together with local brass bands, to establish a dynamic collaboration with the region’s Schools of Art to safeguard the development of brass musicians. This autumn, Lund School of Art will start a brass band activity which will already appear at Christmas together with the Lund University Brass Band. We have also started working towards reaching out to more Schools of Art in Skåne which we hope will participate in some form or other.

Record and release with Kv.Arken

Annika Jessen

The goal is a phonogram of good recording quality, suitable artwork and with photo of the group. Initially, we want to print 300 physical copies and upload the music on digital platforms. We also want to find a distributor that distributes internationally. The music will consist of our own pieces and our all-encompassing arrangements of traditional klezmer songs that are interrelated artistically. The album will then be presented at a release concert and at our Smålan

The organ as an orchestra

Maja Malmström

The purpose is to shed new light on the organ as an orchestral instrument and the organist’s role as co-producer of both older and newly written music. By letting repertoires from different eras and styles meet in a symphonic arrangement, the organ’s tonal richness becomes the common denominator. The hope is that more people will open their eyes and ears to this machine that has interested engineers, inventors and music lovers throughout the centuries.

An evening with the great Jewish composers

Malmö Kammarkör

The goal is to make an imprint on Malmö and spread awareness of the wealth of Jewish music. The objective is for the concerts to take place in connection with Kristallnacht (“Crystal Night”) to remind us of the crimes and persecutions suffered by Jews, even in our times and in our city. We propose initially “An Evening with the Great Jewish Composers” to be staged in the autumn of 2020. Perhaps on November 9 and 10, 2020.

Recording of the music of Otto Olsson at Limhamn church

Malmö Kammarkör

There is tremendous historical and cultural value in recognising Otto Olsson as a composer and organ master in connection with the “Otto Olsson” organ now being installed in Limhamn. Malmö Chamber Choir under the direction of Dan-Olof Stenlund can best execute this project.The goal is to tell future generations the story of how possibly the most famous organ in Sweden came to be housed in Limhamn church and embrace it with a CD production of music by Otto Olsson performed by Malmö Chamber Choir.

368 days – a jazz album on chronic illness

Hedda Åberg

The purpose is to promote my music and that this album will mark the beginning giving me the opportunity to live off my music. I also hope through my music to highlight the problems chronically ill people encounter and try to make jazz a little more accessible to those younger and perhaps a little less accustomed jazz-listeners, as I believe my music can arouse interest in younger listeners. My music is a mix of jazz’s playfulness, the honest lyrics pop and simple melodies.

Music on the Hop

Musik på Hoppet

The aim is to establish a live music scene at the Maritime Museum in Brantevik offering audiences from Brantevik and surrounding areas, but also from other parts of Skåne concert programmes of the highest calibre, both in summer and in winter. To create a unique intimate meeting place for both audiences and musicians and promote the local music scene helping young talented musicians and ensembles reach out with their music.

The Fredberg Orchestra and Big Band

Emil Fredberg

The fact that the big band is completely on equal footing is something of a focal point and goal for us. Via this project we intend to demonstrate to the public and the industry that it is easy to achieve a very high artistic quality regardless of gender ratio and that an even gender distribution actually helps us achieve our artistic goals. We believe that through a diverse ensemble and an open environment we can more easily ensure a safe and secure environment in every aspect.

Blind Date – Classical Music Concert Series in Malmö

Violinist on a Bike

Intriguing and mysterious, captivating and spontaneous, "Blind Date" is a new concept of classical music concert experience. Differently from a typical concert hall, "Blind Date" concerts are intimate, cozy and affordable, the boundaries between artists and listeners are eliminated, while the highest professional music level of performers is always present.

Tempo Strings

Sunesdotters Musik AB

The purpose of Tempo Strings is to give children and adolescents access to top notch chamber music and orchestral experience so that they acquire the tools to continue playing at the level they wish throughout their lives. The goal is to arrange camp activities, to shoot a film with professional filmmakers and to finance a professional double bassist for concert performances.