Management by Heart for Young Leaders

Arbor Vitae c/o Undervisningshuset

An experience-based leadership programme for adolescents and upper-secondary school students, 17-19 years of age, where participants are asked to focus attention on the humanistic approach, so that they can function as role models and promote a sustainable world based on diversity and peaceful coexistence.



The purpose of this project is to try and get these individuals to choose the “right” path in the future. Let them meet more adults, let them try different activities, provide them education so they can discover that if you want to, you can also learn. Hence, possibly awakening their interest in their studies. Offer more positive adult role models at least half of which are women. Give them tools to avoid criminal temptations and try and get them out of these environments.

Digital knowledge stations in the Aquarium – a living world, Malmö Museums

Malmö Museer

Visitor surveys have shown that there is high demand for a functioning information system in the exhibition. We want to meet visitors’ wishes and be able to impact knowledge compellingly about different animal species and their role in the ecological systems, but also about different environmental problems and future solutions to them. A well-functioning information system in conjunction with the exhibition will be part of getting more adolescents and other visitors interested in nature and environmental issues.

Certified management training in IK Eos

Idrottsklubben Eos

Eos Leadership Academy aims to train more leaders for Eos operations for children and adolescents of all ages. We want to give our leaders tuition, learning and knowhow that they can use both as leaders in Eos, but also in their private and professional lives. With more and better skilled leaders, Eos can better meet RF’s guidelines and even mould into an association with members that reach beyond RF’s triangle.

Anxiety book

Marie Tillman

The project aims to raise awareness on anxiety in adolescents / young adults, and to provide the reader with tools to deal with it. Furthermore, it aims to facilitate discussions about anxiety between the target group and their guardians / other adults who routinely meet adolescents suffering from anxiety. Marie Tillman hears often from her readers that her series has become a tool for talking about anxiety and for showing how one feels when words are not enough.

BOOA – Season 2

Ekonomiska Föreningen BOOA

The purpose of BOOA is to reduce the distance between academia and society by offering researchers a platform and a format where they can reach a larger audience and stand out in today’s media noise. At the same time, we want to make some of the country’s foremost researchers available to the public, anytime, anywhere – for free. With warmth, openness and humour, we want to counteract fact-resistance and build trust in the researcher and research.

The Health Programme – for building up adolescent health

Boost by FC Rosengård

The purpose of the project is to develop a health-strengthening programme aimed at adolescents in Skåne. Through this, we can give today’s adolescents tools to help them build up their self-perceived health and well-being, and thus counteract the growing psychological stress young people face. The benefit of the project and the programme will be that adolescents in Skåne feel better, can perform better in school or in their search for jobs and increase their chances of entering the labour market at an adult age.