Management by Heart for Young Leaders

Nicole Jacobsson

The programme aims at giving youths and upper secondary school students in their late teens insight, presence and development through debate, experience and confidence. Thus making them aware of the humanistic approach so that they can work for a sustainable world based on diversity and peaceful coexistence.

The Knowledge Club

Folkuniversitetet / Hedvig Weibull

The knowledge club wishes to offer the audience experiences of research and knowledge that last a lifetime by combining some of our best thinkers with a scenic expression that engages and involves the audience. With the help of interactive aspects, the audience’s attention and ability to remember are honed. The audience tests its knowledge in its meeting with the researchers and learning is enhanced through its encounter with culture. The knowledge club will be developed into a regional hub for knowledge and lifelong learning.

Even more maths help to Skåne

Mattecentrum / Lotta Kamm

Mathematics forms the foundation of everything. Understanding of mathematics is the linchpin of today’s high-tech society. Sweden, at present, is experiencing a great shortage of engineers, programmers and people who can teach mathematics. In other words we need more people who excel in the subject. Mattecentrum offers support to anyone who needs help with maths. Regardless of socio-economic background, age or gender, everyone should have an equal opportunity to learn mathematics.

Existence Österlen 2017

Convenium / Cilla Ungerth Jolis

In a world characterized by fear and intolerance, Convenium Österlen seeks to spread learning, inspiration and intensification of existential life issues and specifically on the subject of courage and humanity. The target audience is the general public. By arranging Sweden’s first existence festival 2017, Convenium also offers an opportunity for Österlen to evolve into a region associated with an integral view of mankind and an ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

The Bridge

Altitude Meetings / Calle Håkansson

The Bridge is an initiative and project aimed at creating an infrastructure for driving talks, collaboration and solutions for global challenges by linking business and entrepreneurship with life science and materials research. The goal in the long term is to create a forum in likeness to the World Economic Forum but with global sustainability goals; and with the difference to also create opportunities for test beds; concrete solutions and business to solve the challenge.

100 social innovations

Venue Social Innovation Malmö University / Anna Landeborg

Venue Social Innovation (MSI) at Malmö University is the collective national knowledge hub for social innovation and societal entrepreneurship. There is a great need to explain what is meant by social innovation and what role social innovations play and can play in our society today and in the future. By highlighting anecdotes and concrete examples, both of large-scale collaborative projects and individual innovator projects, we illustrate the breadth and possibilities of social innovation. Thus, today’s social innovations are exposed identified and highlighted; and have the potential to become tomorrow’s major social innovations.

Teaching human rights to upper secondary school students

The Foundation Raul Wallenberg Institute / Karl Adam Tiderman

The purpose of the project is to conduct lectures for teaching staff at 25 different upper secondary schools in Lund and Malmö. By conducting these lectures, teachers at upper secondary schools will, in turn, be better equipped to teach students about human rights, which will lead to a generally better understanding and ability to base opinions and commitment on verifiable facts. The teaching will also include an element of source criticism of human rights literature.

The science of humour: Live talks and podcasts for popular science talks with a twist of humour

Nebel Media AB / Cecilia Nebel

The 350 year old University of Lund is constantly looking for new ways to reach out with knowledge and learning. The Lund Comedy Festival has become an obvious arena for Sweden’s comedy elite. What would happen if we married the two? The aim with the help of humour is to increase knowledge, curiosity and interest in science and research. To form a new arena, live as well as digital, for knowledge and humour in perfect combination.

Glyphs – medical language

Belfrage Medical AB / Annica Carnbring Belfrage

The purpose of “Glyphs” is to create a product in the medical language and increase the accessibility and knowledge of medical terminology for both patients who will read and understand their own journal, healthcare students and healthcare professionals who need the medical language in their daily work. Glyphs facilitates the integration of healthcare professionals and patients from other countries, leading to increased knowledge, security and patient safety.