Eco-city Augustenborg – The large classroom for sustainable development

Eco-city Augustenborg is a unique residential community with a variety of green solutions, technical innovations and social initiatives among its tenants. Europe’s first demo-plant for green roofs, Augustenborg Roof Garden was installed here. It was the first time in Sweden that the outdoor environment of an older residential area was remodelled with dams and canals to deal with flooding. The development of the Eco-city has continued thanks to the quality of the project and the role of the area as an inspirational destination. The project aims to contribute to active and fun learning about sustainable development for pupils at elementary school level. With the support of the school curriculum promote understanding of environmental problems, but at the same time with a very solution-oriented focus. Environmental problems such as climate threats, toxins and pollutants are likely to create anxiety and despondency if they are explained only in terms of problems. Eco-city Augustenborg as a classroom for sustainable development can make sustainable development understandable by problem solving.